Access Auto Driving School Rules and Recommendations

PLEASE NOTE: Prepaying your licensing fees when you make your test appointment saves both you and our staff a lot of time.




All of the students enrolled in our driving programs are expected to attend and sign in at all of their scheduled classroom and driver training sessions. Please arrive awake, sober, and ready to learn. We expect that you will bring a notebook and take proper notes in class, as these notes will be helpful to refer to when test time arrives. You will be expected to complete any projects or homework assigned by their instructors.  Students are required to pass any and all tests, projects, homework, and classwork. Any absences that occur must be made up in order to complete the program. Any missed class along with the assigned project or homework must be made up in order to complete the course. Please do not interrupt any class with unnecessary or inappropriate behavior. Interruption of class will result in a warning. An incident occurring after a warning may result in a suspension from class. If suspended from class for bad behavior, you will forfeit all paid classroom fees and there will be no possibility of a refund of any kind.


The parents of any minors attending Access Auto School are required to attend a two-hour informational class. We request that you call us to reschedule this class if you cannot make it, as this is a mandatory safety requirement. If your schedule inhibits you from attending or rescheduling this class with us prior to the scheduled time, this will result in a $30 cancellation fee.
We will send out notifications via email at least three hours in advance if we have to cancel a class due to a weather emergency. Please check our online calendar for class times and weather cancellations.

Adult and Matured Drivers

We offer Adult and Matured Driving Instruction for individuals, adults, and seasoned drivers who want to stay safe and avoid developing unsafe driving habits. As times change and vehicle technology gets more up to date, road rules change. Access Auto Driving school can help you maintain driving safety during high traffic, highway, nighttime, emergencies, and severe weather driving. Each adult driving session starts at $40, and this amount is on a pay-per-class basis for as long as the instruction is needed. You can receive a certificate for completing your Adult and Matured Driver (Name of Course) Course after completion of 10 classes.

Program Costs

Our driving program entails 30 hours of classroom coursework, homework, and projects which will occur in our classroom over a two-week period. Please check our calendar for our class times, road testing slots, and adult driving classes. Our classroom portion of our program is ($225). Our driving program also includes 12 hours of driving lessons and six hours of driver observation, at a cost of ($450).
Your RMV Certificate fee, totaling everything, not including the fee for your licensing exam is ($675).

Additional Fees

Private Lessons: For a fee of $40 per hour, Access Auto School offers private lessons for teen, adult, and matured drivers. Private lessons are a smart strategy for ensuring a full return on your investment for driving school, as these lessons allow for one-on-one instruction to target the specific needs and difficulties of an individual driver.

RMV Sponsorship:

Access Auto also offers RMV Sponsorship for a fee of ($75), Access Auto School will provide a RMV Road-Test Sponsorship, which includes a refresher lesson.

The cost of $70 for your license and other associated fees, which is to be paid at the Registry, not us. This fee will be paid when your picture is taken, provided that the road test was taken one time, and that no test or appointments were missed or cancelled. All classroom fees are to be paid prior to your road test with the Registry.

Road Lessons and Driver’s Certification

Please call us at 781-558-4050 to schedule your road lessons with us. Driver’s certifications will not be presented until all fees are paid and the course requirements are met in full.

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